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to the parallel universe of production

A series of interactive screens allows you to experience the history, tradition and production at the Pircher distillery.

Starting with the blossoming fruit tree and ending with the noble final product of the renowned Williams Christ pear spirit. You'll gain an insight into how we make our noble distillates. Do you know the history of Williams Christbirne? How much fruit is needed for each drink or how the Williams Christ pear gets into the bottle?

Why not take a photo as a souvenir at our Fotopoint and post it online: #distillarium

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new Distillarium

...see, listen and explore! After all, we don't want to reveal everything that awaits you beforehand. What you discover here can then be sampled and savoured at our shop next door.

You might even find a gift for friends or family...

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Admission is free of charge!